Early Years Foundation skills in children- for Schools

Teachers and Assessors will be able to identify Children activity and behaviour with their foundation skills development and relate it to the sequence of Brain Development

Language: English

Instructors: Dr Rahul Bharat


Why this course?


A baby's brain continues to develop after birth. Baby achieves milestones in their development in a sequence. To understand development delay, children's behaviour and Neurodisability conditions it is important to know the sequence of development in each area of Early years foundation skills. 

We cover the following areas in this chapter. 

1) What are the Early year's Foundation skills areas and milestones?

2) What is the sequence of EYFS development

3) What is the process of brain development relevant to EYFS development (How the brain builds after birth)

4) How EYFS is different from Developmental assessment?

5) What is the sequence of Physical development- Gross motor skills and fine motor skills

6) What is the sequence of self-care skill development in children?

7) What are the sequence of self-regulation and managing feelings in children?

8) What is the sequence of development of play skills in a child?

9) What is the sequence of development of 'understanding the world and people' skill in a child?

10) What is the sequence of development of communication? What is the foundation for social interaction?

11) How do children develop problem-solving skills? What skills are they? What is fluid intelligence, Working memory and processing speed?

12) What is the sequence and foundation of reading, writing and maths skills?

Course Curriculum

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