Evidence-Based Knowledge: Simplified, Digitalised

One Platform For Parents, School, Therapist, Psychologists, And Paediatricians.

About Us

Early Years Solutions provides digitalised, simple to understand information for parents, SENCO, Teachers, Assessors/Psychologists to help children reach their potential; by empowering the stakeholders. 

We turn complex; into SIMPLE

Addressing Problems Or Barriers To Early Intervention


Reducing Gap

Through the Early Years Solutions, we aim to help the parents during the delay between identification and support for the child and family. 


Empowering Parents

The most important stakeholders are Parents. By empowering them with the knowledge of the why and how we aim to improve the child's outcome. 


Unique Approach

Parents' app provides relevant video-based information on their child's EYFS and behavior profile. A unique algorithm identifies key goals and delivers specific home program videos to parents. The app is a perfect companion for families who need help with child development and Behaviour.

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