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Dear Child,
We know how hard it is for you to make people understand you. We know how frustrating it can be for you to express how you truly feel. For this reason, we have put this resource together for your Parents, Schools and Doctors. We've told them about your diagnosis, how it makes you feel and the problems you face on a day to day basis. We've told them about your strengths and weaknesses and the areas in which you need help and support. Together, we will work to build the best of you.


We design and deliver courses created by expert Paediatricians with a specialism in Neurodisability.


Children who go through our programme are 3 times more likely to improve, resulting in an 80% reduction in parental stress.


Our courses are put together based on real life evidence and data. Each module is refined using feedback from Parents, Schools and Doctors.

Our Team

Dr Rahul Bharat

Director, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

Dr. Rahul Bharat is the founder and Director of Early Years Solution. He graduated from the University of Calcutta and has completed higher specialist Paediatric Training in the UK. He currently leads Neurodisability and Epilepsy at the Child Development Centre in Hillingdon.

Dr. Uzaina

Training Lead - Early Years Solutions 

Dr. Uzaina is a Chartered Psychologist, Researcher and Mental Health Professional working in the field of psychology. She is currently Head of Research at  Early Years Solutions and the Association of Child Brain Research. She holds a doctorate in Psychology and a Masters's in Counselling Psychology.

Dr. Inocencio (Cito) Maramba

EPIC Research Associate

Dr. Inocencio (Cito) Maramba holds a medical degree from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. He also has an MSc in Health Information Science from the University of Warwick. His work in EPIC is focused on user experience, usability and evaluation of digital health applications.

Gaitree Cuppoor

BSc(Hons), MBA, FCCA

Gaitree is adept in finance and business development. Academically, she holds a
degree in finance, MBA and is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified
Accountants (FCCA). Her experience ranges from auditor and accounting to
business development. Her focus has been on business development services for start-ups and SMEs with a particular interest in the childcare industry. Gaitree was shortlisted for Business Finance Awards in 2014. 

Nihal cuppoor


Nihal Cuppoor comes from a legal background with a degree and master's in law and is
currently a Chartered Legal Executive (solicitor). He practices in general and
commercial litigation matters with RKM Law. In addition, he is committed to assist on
major projects with Capitalix Consultancy (UK) Ltd. Prior to becoming a solicitor, Nihal worked for offshore companies, KPMG and managed CCL in the provision of business
development services.

Mr Madan

SAP Consultant

Mr Madan have 12+ years experience of SAP. He is involved with Early Years Solutions as software training lead. 

He specializes in SAP ABAP ALE IDOC XI MM/SD/IM Enhancements Reports Conversions Interfaces, IS Retail, SOA, Interfaces, RF Devices, OTC, P2P, QA, SAP Testing, Data Migration, Screen Personas, SAP UI5, Fiore

What Parents are Saying...

"My child has been enrolled in this course for one & a half years. He is autistic. Since his enrolment, I have observed a drastic change in his behaviour. He had so many sensory issues and was unable to communicate his feelings, making him frustrated and irritable. Since starting the programme, all of his sensory issues have been completely resolved. His communication, understanding and learning abilities have all been greatly improved. The techniques & protocols of Dr Rahul and his team are very advanced and effective. I am very satisfied with the programme. I am also very thankful to Dr Rahul & his entire team for their incredible work".


"The app is incredible! It provides a gateway between the parent and professional to allow for a much closer level of support, whilst guiding interventions. It is a real asset that supports, develops and creates confidence in the parent. For me it is a lifeline! It enables my child needs to be recognised and provides him with clear strategies to cope and make progress in a confusing world".


"The concept of a shared platform between professionals and parents is something that has been long-awaited. We now have the ability to ensure that no child goes without the proper care and attention. The areas of action are made very clear to all including the parent. It outlines what is needed to maximise the child's ability to learn. The app that links to this platform further empowers the family to be involved at all stages by giving them clear roles and responsibilities. Currently, there is no other platform that does anything like this".

Top Course Features


Evidence Based Information

We have adopted an evidence based approach, which means we only use tried and tested methods, based on years of research and positive results.


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